Saturday, 15 January 2011

Adventures with Swenson - Part 2

About a week after taking the David Swenson workshops I was walking back to my office after lunch when whom should I walk past but...David Swenson. Seeing as I was about to fly out to practice with him for 2 weeks in Goa, I decided to take courage in my hands, tap him on the shoulder and introduce myself. Somewhat embarrassingly the conversation initially went something like this:

YB: "Er....hi...Mr Swenson?" (like I wasn't sure!)

DS (looking a little nervous): "Uh...yes?"

YB: "Hi...ummm...I just wanted to say hi."

DS (looking a little more nervous): "Oh...well, hi."

YB (increasingly babbling): "Sorry, I'm not explaining myself very well - I'm taking your workshop at Purple Valley later this month and I thought I'd just introduce myself."

DS (visibly relaxing): "Oh, great to meet you!"

From there we had a brief but very pleasant chat - it was mostly small talk but it was nice to see that the persona that comes across in his workshops is in fact the real David Swenson...down to earth, charming and funny.

I later found out that he emailed his wife Shelley about our little encounter and when I mentioned to him that he looked a bit worried when I initially tapped him on the shoulder, he replied with his customary humour "I thought you were going to ask me for money".

Top man.


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  1. Haha, what a sweet story!

    Looking forward to more of your writings.